Understand your access design with the JAMToolkit and maintain it’s effectiveness to support your business.

Understanding your business and making better decisions.

Capture your business processes and define your access operating models in the JAMToolkit to provide clarity of your end-user SAP access needs.


Creating a data source that’s valuable and worth protecting.

Empower security consultants to engage process owners and architects and create a JAMToolkit data source that drives an effective access design and services everyday needs. 

Sharing your Access Design and collaborating.

Have the agility to share your access design with numerous support teams through interactive Dashboards. Benefiting decision making, collaboration and ongoing alignment. 


Good practice and Compliance, the must have objective.

Proactive tools that provide reliable insights to SAP design and end-user access, boosting a team’s effectiveness at achieving good practice and  compliance. Segregation of Duty Checker

Online Interactive Dashboard Demo