About Us

JAMTec was founded by a small group of SAP Consultants in 2015.  Each founder has over 20 years experience across a variety of industries.  Together we identified that implementing SAP security was a stumbling block in many projects, and often Security and Authorizations (S&A) is seen as an afterthought.  Projects would be implemented and from a functionality perspective they were successful, however once live, issues would arise as a result of the poor S&A strategy, which crippled the ability of businesses to function on a day to day basis.

We decided to improve the whole S&A journey for clients, and developed a methodology to deliver a consistent approach for projects.  This soon transitioned into building a software application suite called the “JAM Toolkit” to support the methodology.  JAMTec is an official member of the SAP® PartnerEdge® open ecosystem.  The JAM Toolkit has been developed in the SAP ABAP development environment and can be deployed on any SAP system.

Together, the JAMTec Methodology, the JAMTec Toolkit and JAMTec’s Consulting services provide a  holistic solution to our clients’ Security and Authorization needs.


JAM Methodology

The JAM Methodology has been developed and used over several years, with continuous improvement to ensure the best strategy for a successful SAP access management deployment.

Our methodology provides the means for seamless access management implementations for all of our clients.  We engage with key stakeholders and all project team members, helping clients through the SAP security journey using our methodology.  

JAMTec takes the pain out of the whole process to build a robust Security and Authorisation model to support the business process based on the functional design.


JAM Toolkit

The JAM toolkit is an ABAP built application that can be deployed in any clients’ SAP system.  As a member of the SAP® PartnerEdge® open ecosystem, JAMTec has a registered namespace with SAP, (/JAM/) and has built a SAP application that can be implemented into any client’s SAP system without disruption to their existing environments and developments.  

Working in conjunction with the JAM Methodology, our Toolkit works seamlessly with our clients’ projects and supports the design, development and  provisioning of the SAP security solution, resulting in a smooth transition into BAU procedures and ensures ongoing alignment between role design and business processes.


JAM Consultancy

Our consulting services provide experienced SAP Security and Authorizations consultants to manage and run all aspects of SAP security projects.  We integrate seamlessly into both project and BAU teams to implement best practice to ensure that SAP programmes are implemented successfully.  

Our consultants utilise the JAM Methodology and Toolkit to define the SAP job, role and authorization concept for each project.

Every JAMTec consultant brings a wealth of experience to the projects, are always approachable and are driven to deliver the best solution for our clients.