Project Deployment features of the JAM Toolkit supports the capture of user mapping, checking segregation of duties, identifying training requirements and supporting role build with valuable technical details.

Project deployments are a regular occurrence, whether clients are migrating to SAP for the first time; upgrading to the latest release or enhancing the SAP landscape with new applications, the objectives for deploying SAP access largely remain the same. Allow the end-users to fulfill their SAP responsibilities whilst maintaining compliance and delivering access that fulfills the business needs.

The JAM Toolkit provides a number of useful features (right) to ease your project deployment journey, reduce risk, increase success and save time and costs for you and your deployment partners.

Key Features

  • Easily capture and review user job mapping without the need for spreadsheets
  • Check user job mapping for segregation of duties and remain compliant
  • Identify training requirements to support scheduling and track completion
  • Role build scope easily defined using access related operating model definitions including legal and Fiscal differences
  • Review user mapping through listed business processes as well as transactions and roles
  • User mapping controls applied to ensure true and accurate mapping against the operating model
  • Role build captures organisation levels for each derivation for easy reference
  • User administration automatically allows creation of SAP user ids in remote systems accelerating project deployments
  • Dashboard reporting is available to share project status with appropriate groups. (subject to licensing)

The JAM Toolkit is built around a successful deployment methodology with proven success. Understanding the access related operating model is key to a successful role build and user mapping journey. The deployment wheel below provides an insight to the JAMTEC methodology and the JAM Toolkit allows client to adopt and adapt the wheel to their needs.

The JAM Toolkit is a repository for a client’s access design and can be used to accelerate project deployments in several ways. Whether the projects follow a wave deployment methodology for a global roll out (i.e S/4 HANA), or introduces new systems to the IT landscape (i.e. SAP Cloud Apps) the JAM Toolkit can capture the design and add them to the repository.

Once the access design is documented in the JAM Toolkit repository, operational teams can leverage the data to improve decision making, safeguard the integrity of the design, provide efficiencies and reduce operational costs.


User Mapping is a key deliverable for many projects to ensure that End-Users are assigned the appropriate access at go-live.  Here’s a short video on how to map a job to a user in the JAM Toolkit.

Interactive Dashboards

Select the required Group (Project) and the dashboard will display outstanding User Mapping (Jobs without Users and visa versa) and Training requirements.

A defined Operating Model with Business Units and Entities will drive the role derivation and user mapping requirements of a project, ensuring clear and accurate scope.