JAM Toolkit Overview

Welcome to a short article introducing the JAM Toolkit, hopefully answering the questions of What is it? How can it help? and What does it look like?

What is the JAM Toolkit?

First and foremost, it’s an ERP Access Design Repository. An application to store your Business Processes and Operating Models; two key components for defining an efficient SAP Access Design template to support your business needs.

The JAM Toolkit has many attributes that supports operational and project SAP Access related activities such as:

  • Easy Access Design alignment when Business Processes and Operating Models change
  • Project Deployments, when new role build and user mapping is required. JAMTEC have a proven deployment methodology which can be shared.
  • The User Transaction Usage extractor stores historical data which can be used during access redesigns and user access reviews.
  • Training Courses are referenced against the Access Design providing instant analysis on training needs.

Data Mining large volumes of User Access to seek out efficiencies (saving time and cost) and to support Process Owners with strategic decision making on Business Processes and Operating Models.

How can it help you?

An efficient access design ensures that the SAP End-Users receive the access they need to perform their roles and responsibilities within the SAP system without being given a significant amount of redundant access. Key Benefits include:

  • An access design that aligns to the vision of the Process Owners on how the organisation should operate, not just on paper but in the SAP system.
  • Efficient SAP End-User access can reduce Segregation of Duties (SoDs) and the volume of mitigating controls being run.
  • In-direct benefits of improved data quality and reduced support tickets offer a real cost saving to the organisation that executes their processes as per design.
  • JAM Toolkit promotes a shared responsibility of the SAP Access Design; it's rich data source can easily be accessed through Dashboards (e.g. PowerBi) making it accessible to users outside of the SAP security team.
  • As a central repository the JAM Toolkit can remove the need for endless Excel spreadsheets of role design under document management.
  • JAM Toolkit supports audit related queries relating to Business Process and Operating Models in relation to SAP access.
  • JAMTEC deployment methodology captures and the access scope and determines the required Role build. User Mapping is captured in the JAM Toolkit and provides project status reporting and training needs analysis.

At JAMTEC we believe that SAP Access Design should be a shared responsibility and that the JAM Toolkit provides the opportunity for everyone to work together to drive efficiency, saving our clients time and cost.

How does the JAM Toolkit look and feel?

JAM Toolkit is a third-party SAP application and is part of the SAP® PartnerEdge® ecosystem with its own registered namespace. It’s an ABAP built application which can be installed on any client’s Netweaver SAP system and is S/4 HANA ready.

The JAM Toolkit has a rich data source with pre-defined reports and a built-in Extractor Wizard to automatically refresh network files that can be used by various Dashboard applications.

JAM Toolkit provides layers of data to each of the Dashboards providing drill-down capability to it’s users. JAMTEC have various interactive demos and examples using Microsoft PowerBI available on our Demo page.

Easy to use SAP Transactions and Reports with in-built authorisation concepts are also available through a traditional SAP Gui.

Users are loaded into the JAM Toolkit either in preparation for a project deployment or as “live” users for detailed analysis and data mining.

Jobs and Roles are defined templates of access that can capture an company’s Operating Model attributes through Entities and Business Units.

If you’d like to understand more about JAMTEC Ltd or the JAM Toolkit please contact us.